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Theater and political correctness

Miguel del Arco, Sergio Blanco, Itziar Pascual, Omar Valiño - QUIQUIRIQUí Festival
>   Saturday 29 September 2018
   |   11:00 h
   |   Center spaces
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Theater and political correctness

29.09.2018 - 11 h

Colloquium: Theater and political correctness

Theater and power -in whatever form- have historically been at odds with each other. In Spain there have been several events in recent years that threaten the freedom of artistic expression in various creative endeavors. Performance theater has suffered from this censorship. Institutions and the market impose a filter of "political correctness" that threatens the autonomy of artists and creators. It is essential not to be silent, and that is why, as part of the Quiquiriquí festival, we will be speaking with people who defend this freedom on different fronts.

Miguel del Arco is a director, actor, and playwright with a broad and multi award-winning career. He is the founder of the Kamikaze company, and he is the artistic co-director of El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze in Madrid. In 2017 he received the National Theater Award.

Sergio Blanco is a playwright and theater director. Having won the National Dramaturgy Prize of Uruguay, his works are translated and then premiered in various cities worldwide. He also endeavors to sustain rigorous academic involvement in both European and Latin American universities and cultural institutions.

Itziar Pascual is a playwright, teacher, researcher and journalist. Women and childhood are two constant themes in her work. Her dramatic texts have received awards in various competitions, and have been translated into different languages ​​and staged in several countries.

Omar Valiño is a theater expert, cultural critic and university professor. He has published several books of essays, and his texts routinely appear in Latin American theater magazines. He is also curator of the International Theater Festival of Havana and the German and Polish Theater Weeks. He founded and leads the Casa Editorial Tablas-Alarcos, which specializes in performing arts.


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