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CHAVEA Lorca’s travels

Travelling everywhere Lorca went, through a magic time machine
>   Sunday 27 December 2015
   |   11:00 h
   |   Workshops
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Free to fill seats
CHAVEA Lorca’s travels
·CHAVEA Lorca's travels

This workshop forms part of the CHAVEA program, consisting of nine workshops making up a single block.

CHAVEA Lorca's travels
Fuente Vaqueros, Granada, Madrid, New York. The world is a big place, and exploring it makes us grow. We will go everywhere Lorca went, through a magic machine that will transport us across time and space, a physical device that breaks all the laws of nature, while spurring those of the imagination. We will discover what Lorca found in each of the places he visited, and see where he lived. To illustrate our findings we will produce our last great (ephemeral) work of art of the year by placing drawings, poems, photographs and any object that helps explain Lorca’s experience around the world — and our own experiences in Lorca's world— on a huge world map installed on a wall of one of the Centre’s rooms.


CHAVEA. A children's workshops programme
A group of artists from various fields and arts-education professionals will lead activities including journalism role play (conducting interviews, taking and retouching photographs, directing and producing a video or short film, drama, writing and performing works and creating costumes and scenery), dancing, etc.

Fun: through games and fun activities adapted to each age group.

Intuitive: if we provide them with the right tools, they will find ways to approach the activities and so take charge of their own learning process.

Practical: the activities will take a “research–experiment–practice” approach. All skills will be acquired by trial and error.

Collective: in the activities everyone will have a unique, vital role to contribute towards the common goal.

Connected to their surroundings: we will seek to identify the connections between the workshops' contents and the physical settings where they are held, as well as their own home backgrounds.

How to participate
The workshops are free. Maximum no. of participants: 40 children. Ages: 5-10. 1 counselor / 10 children. To apply for participation in CHAVEA, just fill out the application form (download in PDF or DOC format) and turn it in at the Federico García Lorca Center Store, from 4 - 12 November, 2015. The group of participating children will be formed according to the order in which applications arrive. The workshops are not performed separately, but rather form an indivisible block.

Further details:
(+34) 958 274 062

Dates and times of CHAVEA workshops
Place: Centro Federico García Lorca

Dates: Nine workshops, from 13 November to 27 December. First workshop: Friday, 13 November at 6:00 pm. Other workshops are every Saturday at 11:00 am, starting on November 14. The final workshop will take place on Sunday, 27 December.

Duration of each workshop: two hours.

Sponsor: EEA Grants
Organizer: Federico García Lorca Center Consortium

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