Centro García Lorca

The Mission of the Centro Federico García Lorca Center

The Centro Federico García Lorca aspires to become a bechmark in contemporary cultur, preserving and disseminating objects and assets held by the Federico García Lorca Foundation, exhibiting international artworks, and undertaking extensive initiatives with children and young people to foster their engagement with the arts..

The Centre will be a venue fot generating art, culture and thinking, constantly active and close to the public. A place that welcomes public participation, to support and encourage artists in all disciplines, and with an extensive educational program targeted at all audiences. Above all, it is intended to operate as a cultural institution that gives top priority to the power of words in all their forms: written, spoken, performed and sung..

The Centre’s activities are rooted in the values ​​of striving for excellence and defending freedom and brotherhood, as embodied by the figure and legacy of Federico García Lorca.

The Centre divides its activities into three areas, with a view to becoming a front-rank institution in contemporary culture.

  • Conserving and disseminating the works of Federico García Lorca.
  • Commitment to the arts with an international approach.
  • Organising extensive educational activities for children and young people, cultivating their engagement with the arts.
Centro Federico García Lorca de Granada
·Exhibition Hall

Objectives of the Centro Federico García Lorca

The objectives of the Centro Federico García Lorca are:

  • Conserving, curating and studying the holdings of the Federico García Lorca Foundation (currently located in the Archive and Library of this Centre).
  • Encouraging study of Lorca’s works by setting-up of a Lorca Studies Institute, which, among other activities, will forge permanent exchange links with similar institutions in other cities and countries.
  • Organising of cultural activities to provide the public with an outstanding range of options in the field of contemporary creativity, in literature, music, thinking, film, drama, visual arts, etc., to consolidate itself as a major cultural institution, not only in the Andalusia region, but throughout Spain as a whole and with an international presence.
  • Organising of workshops for children and young people in a range of creative disciplines.

All these activities will be presented in collaboration with institutions and organisations that are major players in each of the relevant areas, both in Spain and abroad. This, in turn, will make it possible to promote the image of Centre and, with it, that of Granada itself, as a leading Spanish cultural site, enhanced by the worldwide reputation that Lorca's work enjoys.

Centro Federico García Lorca de Granada
·Exhibition Hall