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Sight and touch [ca. 1929-30]

Curated by Francisco Ramallo
>   29 October - 13 February, 2022
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Sight and touch [ca. 1929-30]
Sight and Touch (ca. 1929-30), a project inspired by Federico García Lorca’s drawing of the same name, offers a new interdisciplinary approach to making the poet’s archive available to the public. We must understand this archive as a kind of magma that crystallises and dissolves in contact with works by other artists, along with texts that invoke him, aesthetics that connect different trends, or which appear to have been predicted by the poet’s works.
The drawing Sight and Touch [La vista y el tacto] (1929-30) has guided us through the archive, compiling documents from the legacy that are exhibited here, where the literary image of the texts coexists with textures, gestures, hands that criss-cross one another, fevers, chills, hugs or nebulae.
The exhibition, curated by Francisco Ramallo, premieres on 29 October 2021 and closes on 13 February 2022. It is based on over one-hundred documents held at the Fundación Federico García Lorca archive at the Centro Federico García Lorca, supplemented by holdings at the MNCARS, as well as various archives, galleries and private collections. The artists contributing to this exhibition are Federico García Lorca, Hans Andersson, Rafael Barradas, María Blanchard, David Bestué, Daniel Boccato, Norah Borges, Peppi Bottrop, Miguel Ángel Campano, Jacobo Castellano, Pablo Capitán del Río, Juliana Cerqueira, June Crespo, Nacho Criado, Salvador Dalí, Carlos Fernández-Pello, Fuentesal & Arenillas, Honorio García Condoy, Ismael González de la Serna, Marta de Gonzalo & Publio Pérez Prieto, José Guerrero, Inma Herrera, Teresa Lanceta, Maruja Mallo, Jorge Méndez Blake, Luis Mengs, Joan Miró, María Moreno, Benjamín Palencia, Teresa Solar, José Val del Omar, Remedios Varo and Esteban Vicente.
The exhibition also includes texts written specially for the occasion by, amongst others, Georges Didi-Huberman, Melissa Dinverno and Julia Morandeira. Likewise, a season of performances, curated by Isabel de Naverán will take place in January.
The Consorcio Centro Federico García Lorca and the Fundación Federico García Lorca present the exhibition “Sight and Touch”, curated by Francisco Ramallo and produced by the Centro Federico García Lorca based on a proposal by the Fundación Federico García Lorca, in collaboration with CaixaBank.


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