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The Federico Garcia Lorca Centre Archive

The Federico García Lorca Foundation was created in 1984 as a non-profit private institution by Isabel García Lorca, one of the poet’s sisters, and her nieces and nephew, who donated to this Foundation all the documents that the family had at that time, which conforme the real core of the current Archive. By the end of June 2018, Lorca’s legacy was moved from the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid, its former home, to the Federico García Lorca Center, assuming its conservation and custody.

From May 11, 2020, the Legacy of Federico García Lorca is protected as Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) according to the resolution of the Directorate General for Historical Heritage and Documentary, published in the BOJA n.88 of May 11, 2020 (page 236), in order to initiate the procedure for the inscription of the Legacy within the General Catalogue of the Andalusian Historical Heritage as an Asset of Cultural Interest.

The Archive includes a great variety of documents with the following classification:

  • Manuscripts of the Poetic Work by Federico García Lorca
  • Manuscripts of the Work in Prose
  • Manuscripts and Documents Related to the Theatre Plays
  • Letters Written by and Addressed to Lorca
  • Other Types of Correspondence
  • Posters
  • Theatre Play Programmes
  • Costumes
  • Outfits and Objects
  • Hand Programmes
  • Invitations
  • Literary Homages to Federico García Lorca
  • Other Authors’ Literary Documents
  • Personal Documents
  • Economic and Administrative Documents
  • Other Documents
  • Scene Settings and Drawings (Works by Artists Friends of Federico’s)
  • Musical Scores
  • Records
  • Press Clippings In Vita
  • Photographs
  • Books from the Family-Personal Library
  • Books by Lorca in First and Old Editions
  • Original Drawings by Federico García Lorca

The original Archive funds are safeguarded in two safe vaults, the copies of which documents are at the disposal of investigators in person or online.

Consultation on Archive funds, selection possibilities, locating or obtaining documents, as well as the request for prior appointment for in-person visits to the Archive and the Library can be done through the following e-mail address: archivo@centrofedericogarcialorca.es

Conditions for the loan of works
for temporary exhibitions

The text of "Conditions for the loan of works for temporary exhibitions" is available in this PDF document.

The Federico Garcia Lorca Centre Archive
·Federico García Lorca. Merienda, 1927.
Chinese ink, coloured pencils and gouache on cardboard. Dib07
Centro Federico García Lorca de Granada
·From left to right: María del Carmen García Lasgoity, Federico García Lorca, Isabel García Lorca and Jacinto Higueras. Santander, 1935. FOT. 4.1.57