Centro García Lorca

The Public

Virginia Torrente
Catalogue of the inaugural exhibition at opened the Centre
>   Exhibition catalog
   |   September 2015
>   21 x 29,7 cm.
   |   72 pages
   |    Out of print edition
 The Public

In this exhibition, ten artists approach space in an intelligent, intuitive way. It extends beyond the usual exhibition hall to other spaces around the building, introducing the public to the show. This kind of occupation of the Center allows the artists to use the tactics defined in the site-specific pieces created for the space, the product of field research about various subjects such as: the generic concept of the public, the people, the target of the exhibition; the presence and importance of this building, its actual architecture as a new element in the heart of the city; Granada and its history, which thus enters the Center, located in Plaza de la Romanilla; the coming and going of its residents and the memory of Federico García Lorca, who hovers above all of these elements and makes himself present as a way of making an artistic, social, historical and political –while at the same time purely aesthetic and emotional– approach to the public.

Through different languages and media, we are given the chance to discover the work of the featured artists, to reinterpret the pieces on show. And –why not?– we are also invited to express an opinion about them.

With works by: Belén, Andrea Canepa, Mauro Cerqueira, Miki Leal, Juan López, Maider López, Carlos Maciá, Tobias Rehberger, Fernando Renes y Miguel Ángel Tornero.
Curator: Virginia Torrente