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Andalusian abstraction 1957-1982

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Comisarios Carmen Aranguren y Hernando Pérez Díaz
>   Exhibition catalog
   |   March 2017
>   78 pages
   |    Out of print edition
Andalusian abstraction 1957-1982
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Catalogue of the exhibition Abstracción Andaluza 1957-1982, an exhibition that collects the most significant proposals of Contemporary Abstract Andalusian Art which includes 68 works by some thirty artists from all over Andalusia, such as Rodríguez Acosta, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Alberti, Manuel Rodríguez Acosta or Valentín Albardíaz.

Among all the works, a large painting by José Guerrero and two metallic fabrics by Manuel Rivera stand out, to which are added works by other renowned local artists such as Juan Vida, Julio Juste, Manuel Rodríguez Acosta or Valentín Albardíaz. Representing Seville, the exhibition offers proposals by Gerardo Delgado, José Ramón Sierra, Ignacio Tovar or Bermejo.

The curator of the exhibition, Carmen Aranguren, explains the symbolism of the dates that limit the exhibition (1987/1982), whose choice is linked to several milestones in the history of Spanish contemporary art. In 1957 there is, on the one hand, the appearance of the 'Team 57', and on the other, the emergence of the 'El Paso Group', considered the cradle of informalism and that counted among its founders, with the Granada Manuel Rivera. The deadline for the exhibition was 1982, the date of the first edition of ARCO, which marked the return to figurative currents with the Italian trans-avant-garde and German neo-expressionism.