Centro García Lorca

Torn Garden

Christopher Maurer
Lorca and Love
>   Exhibition catalog
   |   September 2019
>   230 x 170 cm.
   |   192 pages
   |    26.92 €
>   ISBN 978-84-09-14081-7
Torn Garden

Torn Garden: Lorca and Love captures in word and image the reflections of Federico García Lorca on love, desire and sexuality, from his earliest pages, where he speaks of love as a distant or impossible ideal until the end of his life, when desire has become a force that can penetrate the social barriers that thwart human freedom. Essays by Christopher Maurer, Noël Valis, Roberta Ann Quance, Luis Muñoz and José Javier León explore Lorca's vital and literary trajectory in relation to the central theme of his work. Letters, drawings and poems situate love--with its wings and arrows--in the psychological and textual space of the garden, which for Lorca was a "sagrario de pasiones" and where one hears clearly the three voices that, according to him, "come together within the poet: the voice of death, with all its premonitions; the voice of love, and the voice of art."

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