Centro García Lorca

Don Quichote

Miradas francesas contemporáneas
>   Exhibition catalog
   |   June 2017
>   20 x 20 cm.
   |   47 pages
   |    Out of print edition
Don Quichote

The exhibition "Don Quixote. Contemporary French looks" can be seen from June 21 to September 3 at the Federico García Lorca Center. It has been organized by the Institut Français d'Espagne in collaboration with the City Council of Granada, the Federico García Lorca Center and the Alliance Française of Granada. The funds come from the patron and private collector Gilbert Ganivenq.

This exhibition also has an "essential thread" that backs it: the city of Sète, a Mediterranean fishing port located between Montpellier and the Spanish border, with which many of the artists who sign the works of the exhibition maintain ties.

The participating artists are: Ben, Robert Combas, Hervé Di Rosa, Pierre François, Topolino, André Cervera, Quim Corominas, Jean-Pierre Formica, Pierre Buraglio, Claude Viallat, Pierre Maraval, Jean-Lopu Gautreau, Vincent Bioulès, Jean Le Gac, Patrick Loste, Antoine de La Boulaye, André Raffray, Jean-Pierre Le Bail, Gérar Garouste and Lucien Puyelo.

Twenty versions of Don Quixote. Twenty looks of essential contemporary French artists who have interpreted one of the myths of universal literature. Twenty paintings that "pretend to be, above all, a modest recognition of debt. The debt that French art has with this character created by Cervantes now that we have just commemorated the IV Centenary of the death of the author",  as nicolas Kassianides, Cultural Counsellor of the French Embassy and Director General of the Français d'Espagne institute, points out.