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Deep Song Rehearsal

Lola Lasurt
An attempt at learning Marta Graham's Dance
>   Exhibition catalog
   |   October 2022
>    20 €
>   ISBN 978-84-946891-8-5
Deep Song Rehearsal

LOLA LASURT showed, back in march 2022, her exposition Deep Song Rehearsal, curated by Juan Guardiola. Deep Song is a choreography created by Marta Graham, american dancer, in an attempt to answer magazines and news broacasts, plagued with photographies of terror and pain, that informed about the Spanish civil war and reached North American audience.This project took its title from lorquian Poema del Cante Jondo (1931) and tried to depict the suffering of Spanish people during the conflict.

Lasurt made, based on Graham's choreography, a piece that consists on eight pictorial strips, a stage set and a bench, in which she transfers the physicality of dance to painting in a performative act that brings to our times, trough reenactment, a historical reflexion, but also a very contemporary one. This project, definitely, is a work of historical memory that intends to fight against our collective amnesia.

Now, Lasurt publish her book Deep Song Rehearsal, designed alongside Filiep Tacq. This publication shows, through temporary lines that accompany the documentation of the pictural frieze, the long investigation process that required the project and it also includes texts by Lasurt herself, Anna Adell, Stamatina Gregory and Juan Guardiola.