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Land invaded by the multitude

María Rosa Aránega
>    6 May - 20 June, 2021
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Land invaded by the multitude


The Consortium Centro Federico García Lorca exhibits María Rosa Aranega's work, 'Land invaded by the multitude', in collaboration with the new edition of FACBA 2021 (Contemporary Art Festival Fine Arts 2020), with the purpose of promoting the emerging artists.

Land invaded by the multitude proposes to engage with the social memory of urban development of the city and its relation to populations and the natural landscape by looking at sites near Granada, particularly linked events such as the construction and rehousing of families in the neighbourhoods of la Chana, Cartuja, Zaidín and Almanjáyar, the demolishing of the Manigua neighbourhood or the touristification of Albayzín and Sacromonte. To do so, a multi-sector focus is necessary on the different and shifting political, cultural, social, environmental, and financial factors that converge on the same space and time and which reveal conflicts and inequalities in the present day.

The common thread that governs the poetic narrative and the global implications of the project is provided by Poet in New York (1940) by Federico García Lorca, whose poems and sketches inspired by the city express the dichotomy between the urban and the rural, the conflict between nature and civilisation and social critique as timeless and which can be extrapolated to other contexts. 



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