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Andersen. El patito feo

Títeres Etcétera
>   22 December - 8 January, 2023
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Andersen. El patito feo

Granadan theatre company Títeres Etcétera  will take to the stage Andersen's famous story The Ugly Duckling at Federico García Lorca Centre, being the show a coproduction between both teams.

The spectacle, surrounded with music played by a live orchestra, will combine puppets and storytelling that will include scenes from the author's childhood, that used to say this tale was his own autobiography. He was a different kid, and because of his figure, clumsiness and low social class suffered bullying and rejection. He only found refuge in reading, theatre, puppets and clippings. Our duckling will perform a life trip throughout different seasons, getting away from the rejection other animals show towards him. During the journey, he will discover how big is the world, while he develops his own inner world, which will be the seed that takes him into a self-knowledge path.

The show also explores other topics that are sadly still part of nowadays children's lives, like bullying and any other types of harassment. And, besides, related topics like self-acceptance, perception, social integration, self-esteem, etc. Always with a clear visual language, very direct, a live orchestra, big surprises and intense emotions.

Musical show for the whole family, recommended for +3 y.o. 45-50 minutes.

[ Scene direction, set design, puppets and video: Enrique Lanz / Dramaturgy: Yanisbel Victoria Martínez y Enrique Lanz / Music: Jordi Cornudella / Dressings: Laura León / Lighting: Lía Alves/ Stage set and puppets making: Elena Alejandre, Leo Lanz, Christine Mackenzie, Cristina Colmenero, Enrique Lanz / Production assistant: Cristina Colmenero / Actors and puppet masters: Christine Mackenzie, Leo Lanz, Yanisbel Victoria Martínez, Cristina Colmenero / Musicians: Murtra Ensemble; Violín: Andrea Talavero, Viola: Bernat Bofarull, Clarinete: Jordi Cornudella, Fagot: Antonio Abad López, Piano: Carles Marigó, Saxofón: Leo Lanz ]


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