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Los dos reyes

Benjamín Prado
>   Wednesday 21 December 2022
   |   19:00 h
   |   Center spaces
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Los dos reyes

Next 21st December, at 19 p.m, Centro Federico García Lorca will welcome acclaimed writer Benjamin Prado during the presentation of his last novel, Los dos reyes, published by Alfaguara. During the presentation, the author will talk with Maribel Lázaro.

This novel, the sixth one of the famous Cases of Juan Urbino series, follows once again multifaceted Juan Urbino, detective, writer and teacher. On this occasion, the lead role will be travelling throughout Spain, Morocco and Occidental Sahara, dismantling secrets that have been more than half a century hidden. This new case will take the reader on a journey from a misterious Morocco, to Ceuta and Melilla, to Paris and the north of Europe, and to Granada as well, unraveling an interesting plot of adventures, double identities and dangers. 

BENJAMÍN PRADO has written several novels: Raro (1995), Nunca le des la mano a un pistolero zurdo (1996), Dónde crees que vas y quién te crees que eres (1996), Alguien se acerca (1998), No sólo el fuego (1999) and La nieve está vacía (2000). He is also the author short story such as Jamás saldré vivo de este mundo (Alfaguara, 2003) and Qué escondes en la mano (Alfaguara, 2013); Prado has written the essay books Siete maneras de decir manzana (2000), Los nombres de Antígona (2001), A la sombra del ángel (2002) and Romper una canción (2011); and aphorisms collections Pura lógica (2012), Doble fondo (2014) and Más que palabras (2015). His complete poetry is reunited in Acuerdo verbal (2018), and his entire work has been published in twenty-five countries.



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