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Presentation of the book "Malaventura"

Fernando Navarro
>   Friday 25 March 2022
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Presentation of the book

Presentation of the first novel by Fernando Navarro (Granada, 1980), "Malaventura".

Edited by Impedimenta, by Andrea Aguilar.



Fernando Navarro was born in Granada in 1980. As a screenwriter, he has collaborated, among others, with filmmakers such as Álex de la Iglesia, Rodrigo Cortés, Paco Plaza, Jonás Trueba and Jaume Balagueró. He has been nominated twice for the Goya Awards, in the categories of Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay. Among his filmography, Toro (2016), Verónica (2018) or Enemy Cosmetics (2020) stand out. His latest script to date is Bajocero (2021), a thriller for Netflix that reached number one in more than 55 countries. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America and has taught Creative Writing workshops at Syracuse University and Le Moyne College, both in New York. He has collaborated with media such as Radio 3, Cadena SER, MondoSonoro or Letras Libres. Malaventura is his first novel.


The heroes and the villains blur in Malaventura, a kind of neo-Romance set in a desperate and remote Andalucia, at the same time unreal and authentic, mythical and wild, full of extreme characters: quinquis, sorceresses, hunters, demons that move around radio waves, good-hearted mercenaries or children who curse an entire town. A barber woman caught in a brawl. The cruel lynching of a legendary bandit. A mysterious massacre in an inn in which the only witness is a donkey. The impossible love between a seer and an outlaw. A flood that continues its course, sweeping away everything in its path or the unexpected visit of the ghosts of the past who seek to settle scores with a violent civil guard. An acid western with tarantinesque airs. A range of stories with the south as an obsession. A hybrid of Lorca and Cormac McCarthy, which drinks as much from the lyrics of the Flemish tradition as from Sergio Leone, and which reads like a novel of initiation and death.